Listen up! Below are almost 20 different ways / apps / links for you to connect and listen to KSEF digital radio, Topeka.
However, everyone has a different home system and our goal is not for you to change the way you listen to music, but for you to enjoy LOCAL music.

Please, PLEASE, if you are not able to get the station on your home (car / office / phone) system quick and easy, send us an email and let us know what type of system you have. We will give you personal directions to make the station happen on your current system.

Thank you for supporting local music and art and seveneightfive. You rock!

  • In the SoundTouch app, tap the Menu icon in the upper left
  • Tap Settings > Stream Custom Radio URL
  • In the URL field, enter this address (copy and paste)


  • In the Name field, enter a name (KSEF-DB or 785Live)
  • Tap Stream Station
* If the station doesn’t start streaming, here is an alternative URL:

* If you still have troubles, drop us a note at KSEF@785live.com and we will get you all set up.
amazon alexa

Listen via our Live365 station app on Amazon Alexa using the phrase “Play Live365!” 

To begin listening to Live365 on your Alexa, you first need to enable the Live365 Alexa Skill in the Alexa Skills Store. Search “Live365” in the Alexa Skills Store or navigate directly to the Live365 skill page by clicking here.

Next, select “Enable” and you will then be able to access Live365 on all of your available Alexa devices. You can also enable the Live365 skill by simply saying “Alexa, Enable Live Three Sixty Five Skill.”

NOTE:  “Live365” is pronounced “live three sixty-five.”



  1. Browse tab, select Radio by TuneIn
  2. Tap My Radio Stations
  3. Tap the three dots in the top right and tap Add New Radio Station
  4. Enter the Streaming URL below and KSEF-DB for Station Name. Tap OK



  1. Select Manage and Add Radio Station
  2. Paste in the streaming URL (above) and name of station (KSEF-DB)
  3. From the Sonos music menu, navigate to Radio by TuneIn > Ny Radio Stations where the newly added station will be listed.

On a Mac, the “Manage” menu can be found in the toolbar in the top left corner of the screen. On a PD, the “Manage” menu is found at the top left of the Sonos application.


Go to Add channel

add Radio.net app (or Radio Garden or FMRadiofree)

Search “KSEF-DB”

Then you’ll have 785Live radio on your ROKU. Cheers!


You can listen to show podcast files, select shows only. Please refer to the show page for their Apple Podcast, Pandora or Mixxcloud links. Each page also includes archives of shows, so you may directly listen to them right here. Cheers!


Hey good-looking, it’s nice to see you back! We’d love to hear what you think of KSEF-DB, if you can spare a few moments. CHEERS!