Sparky Games Volume 2

Sparky Games in the Episode

Game 1: This Game is a Humdinger!

Each of you have an envelope with a song title inside.You have thirty seconds to get the others to guess your song, but you can only hum it! If you succeed you get ten points and the person who guesses the song correctly gets five points. If time runs out . . . no points for you!

Game 2: May I Have A Word?

Each of you have an envelope with a book title. Using only one word at a time you have to get the others to guess your book title. The guessers get only one guess per round. If you get the title in 1 word, get ten points, in 2 words eight points, in 3 words six points, in four words four points, in five words 2 points. No points are awarded after 5 words. The guesser who gets the book title right gets five points.

Game 3: When Did That Happen?

Each of you have an envelope with five historic events inside. Your job is to arrange these events from oldest to most recent. On your pad of paper, rewrite these events listed in order. Please note: This is an “all or nothing” game. Get all five events in order and get ten points. Miss any and you get nothing.

Game #4: Who The Hell Is This Guy?

Each of you have an envelope with a man’s name inside. On the back you will find three claims to fame. Only one is true! Guess the right one and collect ten points. Guess wrong and lose two.

Game #5: Wanna See A Movie?

Each of you have an envelope with a movie title inside. On the other side are three plot lines, but only one of these is the real plot line. Vote for rich one you think is correct. Ten points if you’re right and minus 2 if you’re wrong. Good luck.

Game #6: There’s An Old Saying . . . 

We’re gonna play this game three times. Each of you have an envelope with an obscure old saying inside. However these expressions are not complete. On the backside are three complete expressions. Pick the right one and win ten points. Pick the wrong one and lose three!

Game #7: Final Jeopardy

Played just like on the show.

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