Tuesday on the 7s

with Dusty, Dylan and Shawn

“Stoic, Poet and the Fool” show features Dusty Nichols (the Stoic), Shawn Nyberg (the Poet) and Dylan Hart (the Fool). These guys are theatre, music and art enthusiasts, especially arts in the local area. These three guys are usually seen on the Topeka Civic Theatre stages, appear in locally produced movies and commercials. Together they tackle the “7 deadly questions” submitted by others in the 785 family and you! Unrehearsed and honest they answer the never-before-seen questions each week and are sure to go down rabbit holes and find other topics that will get you to laugh, think and share…and that is the point.

Send your questions to the guys and see if you are a Stoic, Poet or Fool! Tuesdays on the 7’s.

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Nearly a lifelong Topekan, Dusty is a community leader in Shawnee County who is currently the COVID-19 Response Team Incident Commander and director of Emergency Management. He is follower and practitioner of Stoicism and brings his unique perspective to questions like “what are you most grateful for,” “what is the worst job you ever had,” and “what if your Elf name was your favorite cookie, your favorite game and favorite scent” – weekly on "Stoic, Poet and the Fool."

Send your questions to the guys and see if you are a Stoic, Poet or Fool. (Use the email button above) and catch "Stoic, Poet and the Fool" every Tuesday on the 7s.

The Fool from Stoic, Poet and the Fool
Avid theatre performer and lover

I am mostly me. But sometimes I'm not.

LIKES- Puppies. Flowers. Rainbows.

DISLIKES-People who use double negatives. They don't not suck.

FEARS- Spiders. Death. Texans


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