Raza Talk

Thursdays on the 8

with Topeka Latina Professionals
A bilingual community podcast celebrating and promoting Topekans while discussing local issues that affect the Latinx community.
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Raza Talk es un podcast comunitario bilingüe que celebra y promueve Topekans mientras se discuten problemas locales que afectan a la comunidad Latina.
Los anfitriones Luis Estrada, Alejandro Mateo y Ruben Soriano cofundadores Topeka Lation Professionals. Al igual que la organización, el podcast Raza Talk ofrece oportunidades para establecer contactos, recursos y promueve historias de éxito de profesionales jóvenes y experimentados en el área al tiempo que ofrece perspectivas sobre el desarrollo profesional para una audiencia diversa, incluidas las pequeñas empresas y empresarios latinos.

The Bilingual Community Podcast that provides networking opportunities and resource information to the culturally diverse audience. Promoting success stories of young and experienced professionals in the area. We offer perspectives on professional development to Latino small businesses and entrepreneurs. Discussing current events and local issues that affect the Latinx community.

Show support provided by Naly’s Lawn + Landscape


Alejandro, 21 years, is a founding member of Topeka Latino Professionals and the business manager at Naly's Lawn + Landscape, a role he has been in since the age of 19.

My goal is to help our family business grow in every imaginable way..

As a co-host of RAZA Talk, Alejandro strives to help connect neighbors with community resources that will impact and empower them to reach their own goals while contributing to the growth of Topeka.

A community advocate for Latino youth in the Capital City for over a decade, Luis Estrada is the creator of Gente Activa, Topeka's first resource information page for Spanish speaking residents as well as serves as president of Somos Kansas, an organization geared towards Latino youth civic engagement.

I am looking to network with the next generation of leaders. I can only offer experience and support to those looking to build and innovate for the growth of our first generation residents and members of our bilingual community.

Recruiting Manager at | GO TO HOST WEBSITE

Ruben Soriano, 21, is a recruiting manager for Kwik Staff, where he has been for the past three years. He is a co-host of Raza Talk and co-founder of Topeka Latino Professionals (TLP).

Ruben is passionate about Raza Talk and TLP with a goal to help the community by providing resource information that was rarely shared or distributed to him growing up and our Spanish speaking community.

We hope to reach more business professionals to continue to build our Topeka Community.


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