Ballots + Brews


If we’re gonna talk politics, we might as well have a pint or two. Ballots + Brews features local brewers sharing updates on their latest brews and happenings followed by discussion on all things government and politics at all levels. Interviews with elected officials, we help break down all those political things you’ve always wondered about and we will try and have fun along the way. Think of it like the “Daily Show” meets CSPAN meets “Schoolhouse Rock?”


Your local politics and pints aficionado | Topeka Champion | Writer / Contributer at | GO TO HOST WEBSITE | VIEW PAST SHOWS

Nerd-out with Angel, your local politics and pints aficionado, every Thursday as he takes you through the world of politics and local brews, complete with sassy commentary and real-world application.

Angel is a proud double-Ichabod alum, earning his political science and law degrees from the "Harvard of the Midwest" a.k.a. Washburn University.


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