Wanna know how to be an ultimate rockstar? Sponsor a KSEF-DB locally produced show!


$265 / per quarter, 13 weeks

Payment due when sponsorship is placed. Make checks out to seveneightfive design or use the button below to pay online.

NOTE: 60% of support goes to KSEF-DB towards operations and station costs. 40% goes directly to the volunteer show host.

Show sponsorships limited to four per show. Locally owned businesses receive greater priority.

  • 26 broadcasts (shows are played on the hour in the am and pm)
  • Show supporter announced and thanked by Host each episode
  • Logo and link placed on show page located here on
  • 30-second advertising spot inserted into our regular advertising rotation for quarter*
  • Promotional spot included in podcast listings, if applicable, which include but not limited to Apple Podcasts, Pandora, Deezer, Google Podcasts and Mixxcloud.

    * KSEF-DB ad/music content rotation is four minutes of ads per 60 minutes of content, with no more than two minutes of consecutive ads.

PLACE AD FOR: May 2 – July 24, 2021


KSEF a digital broadcast Topeka, brought to you by seveneightfive magazine, is proud to promote and support non-profit organizations, Washburn student groups, neighborhood associations and more. We are on air 24/7. If your organization or group would like to publicize on KSEF, please submit your voice recording and payment using the links / buttons below.

A contribution of $25 per announcement / per week is requested. Your announcement will be delivered a minimum of 10 (diverse) times during the 7-day period.

If money is an issue or barrier for your organization, please send a request to station operator at for consideration of inclusion / in-kind donation.